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Technology intrigues me. Pretty much any sort, but I enjoy web-oriented tech the most. I like innovating, technical challenges, and learning new concepts. This is a place to remember some of those experiences. Maybe you'll find something interesting.

Composing Configurations with JQ

Alternative methods for manifests needing more than simple variable replacements.

Writing a PHP Client for the Ravelry API

Open sourcing a library to consume the knitting-oriented API.

Experimenting with BOSH Links and Consul

Integrating consul and links metadata for inter-deployment service dependencies.

Tempore limites: BOSH Veneer

Experimenting with a browser frontend to working with BOSH.

Pruning Blobs from BOSH Releases

Avoiding unnecessary disk usage for old, unneeded package files.

Self-Upgrading Packages in BOSH Releases

A strategy for monitoring upstream dependencies for self-sustaining packages.

Using nginx to Reverse Proxy and Cache S3 Objects

Using S3 as an upstream server for improving long-tail traffic.

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