Full-time employment from December 2019 thru January 2022.

Senior Member Technical Staff leading the technical design and implementation of telemetry reporting for organizational stakeholders. Other efforts included migrating data systems to Impala; building Kubernetes-native distributions of Cloud Foundry products; and maintaining development tools used by other teams. Joined from Pivotal Software, via acquisition.


The following describes some of the milestones and notable changes during my time here, starting with the most recent events.

    1. Employment Ended

      I finish my last day at VMware having previously given 2 weeks notice.

    1. Compensation Changed

      I receive a merit-based raise to my salary as part of yearly reviews.

    1. Life Changed

      I move to New Mexico for personal reasons. Per location-based policies, my salary is adjusted down from Bay Area rates.

      Remote from Albuquerque, New Mexico
    1. Role Changed
      Tanzu Portfolio Insights
    1. Life Changed

      Bay Area begins COVID-19 shutdown. My office closes and teams transition to work from home.

      Remote from Oakland, California
    2. Role Changed
      • Maintain stability of product and support customer-reported bugs.
      • Establish technical architecture and goals of a future "v2" product.
      • Migrate product and dependencies for Kubernetes-native installations.
      Usage Service
    1. Role Changed

      I complete my prior initiative on Cross-Team Engineering.

      My next assigned project is not ready to begin, and I join Toolsmiths for the interim.

      • Maintain development tools for internal teams and Cloud Foundry community.
      • Maintain VMware vSphere testing infrastructure for product teams.
      • Migrate hardware and service monitoring to VMware Wavefront.
    1. Acquisition

      VMware completes acquisition of Pivotal Software (press release). I continue in my existing role from Pivotal, but now as a VMware employee.

      VMware, Inc.
      Job Title
      Senior Member Technical Staff