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Technology intrigues me. Pretty much any sort, but I enjoy web-oriented tech the most. I like innovating, technical challenges, and learning new concepts. This is a place to remember some of those experiences. Maybe you'll find something interesting.

Parsing Microdata in PHP

Open sourcing a library to easily traverse HTML for microdata.

Sending Work from a Web Application to Desktop Applications

Using queues and PHP to automate third-party applications running on staff workstations.

Logging logging and Finding Bottlenecks

Some ways logsearch is measuring its own performance with the elasticsearch+logstash+kibana stack.

Colorado Aspens

A non-technical post with pictures of the changing Aspens in Colorado.

Simplifying My BOSH-related Workflows

Discussing some commands and wrappers I've been adding on top of BOSH.

Search by Color with Elasticsearch

Some mappings, strategies, and queries for advanced color searching with elasticsearch.

Photo Galleries for Jekyll

Easily exporting my iPhoto album to this Jekyll-based site.

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