Danny Berger
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Technology intrigues me. Pretty much any sort, but I enjoy web-oriented tech the most. I like innovating, technical challenges, and learning new concepts. This is a place to remember some of those experiences. Maybe you'll find something interesting.

Photo Galleries for Jekyll

Easily exporting my iPhoto album to this Jekyll-based site.

Distributed Docker Containers

A strategy for integrating Docker services across multiple hosts and data centers.

Barcoding Inventory with QR Codes

A web-centric, user-friendly approach for using barcodes in a retail shop.

The Basics of a Custom Search Engine

Combining elasticsearch and "structured data" to create a self-hosted search engine.

ti-debug: For Debugging Server Code in the Browser

Making it easier to debug languages like PHP and Python with only a browser.

Structured Data with schema.org

Ensuring content is useful to both humans and robots.

Embeddable and Context-Aware Web Pages

Embedding content in an absolutely relative manner.

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