Hello. My name is Danny.
Welcome to my digital home.

Technology intrigues me. Pretty much any sort, but I enjoy web-oriented tech the most. I like innovating, technical challenges, and learning new concepts. This is a place to remember some of those experiences. Maybe you'll find something interesting.

Latest Content
Minikube and Bridged Networking
Exposing a VirtualBox Kubernetes cluster to the local network.
April '20
Nested Taxonomies with Hugo
Finding ways to support content classified within hierarchies.
March '20
Converting between JSON and TSV
Using jq to convert between data file formats.
February '20
South America Trip
A couple weeks vacation in Argentina and Brazil.
December '19
San Diego
A week for Kubecon and some sights along the way.
November '19
Europe Trip
A few days exploring the The Netherlands and Belgium.
September '19
Metalink Repositories: Stability Channels
Consistently representing both internal and external dependencies.
January '19
Metalink Repositories: Mirroring Third-Party Dependencies
Using metalink repositories to track upstream artifacts.
December '18
Colorado Winter
Enjoying the wintery weather of Colorado.
December '18
Metalink Repositories: Background and Motivation
Some "whys" of this alternative way to track artifacts.
December '18