OpenGrok CLI
January 21, 2013

One tool that makes my life as a software developer easier is OpenGrok - it lets me quickly find application code and it knows more context than a simple grep. It has a built-in web interface, but sometimes I want to work with search results from the command line (particularly for automated tasks). Since I couldn't find an API, I created a command to load and parse results using symfony/console and xpath.


It's straightforward to use, just provide the OpenGrok server, project to search, and the query. Mimicking grep, the output format should look familiar:

$ opengrok-cli --server= --project=PHP_5_4 oci_internal_debug
/ext/oci8/oci8.c:777: PHP_FUNCTION(oci_internal_debug);
/ext/oci8/oci8.c:862: 	PHP_FE(oci_internal_debug,			arginfo_oci_internal_debug)
/ext/oci8/oci8.c:932: 	PHP_FALIAS(ociinternaldebug,	oci_internal_debug,		arginfo_oci_internal_debug)
/ext/oci8/oci8_interface.c:1307: /* {{ "{{{" }} proto void oci_internal_debug(int onoff)
/ext/oci8/oci8_interface.c:1309: PHP_FUNCTION(oci_internal_debug)

When run from an ANSI-friendly terminal, the output is nicely colorized. And just like the web interface, the query argument can include operators, nested queries, field specifiers, and wildcard searches.

It also has a --list option to only output paths. Useful if I'm in the repository's top-level and I want to work through all the results with vim:

$ cd php-src/
$ vim $(opengrok-cli --list refs:PHP_MODE_PROCESS_STDIN)

Open Source

I published the code to dpb587/opengrok-cli. Check the README, but it's easy to get started:

$ git clone git:// opengrok-cli && cd !$
$ php composer.phar install
$ ./bin/opengrok-cli --help

Or take the easier route and use the pre-compiled version:

$ wget
$ php opengrok-cli.phar --help