Embeddable and Context-Aware Web Pages on May 7, 2013
In my symfony website applications I frequently make multiple subrequests to reuse content from other controllers. For simple, non-dynamic content this is trivial, but when arguments can change data or when the browser may want to update those subrequests things start to get complicated. Usually it requires tying the logic of the subrequest controller in the main request controller (e.g. knowing that the q argument needs to be passed to the template, and then making sure the template passes it in the subrequest).

OpenGrok CLI on January 21, 2013
One tool that makes my life as a software developer easier is OpenGrok - it lets me quickly find application code and it knows more context than a simple grep. It has a built-in web interface, but sometimes I want to work with search results from the command line (particularly for automated tasks). Since I couldn’t find an API, I created a command to load and parse results using symfony/console and xpath.