Embeddable and Context-Aware Web Pages on May 7, 2013
In my symfony website applications I frequently make multiple subrequests to reuse content from other controllers. For simple, non-dynamic content this is trivial, but when arguments can change data or when the browser may want to update those subrequests things start to get complicated. Usually it requires tying the logic of the subrequest controller in the main request controller (e.g. knowing that the q argument needs to be passed to the template, and then making sure the template passes it in the subrequest).

Bank Card Readers for Web Applications on March 23, 2013
I made a web-based point of sale for The Loopy Ewe, but it needed an easier way to accept credit cards aside from manually typing in the credit card details. To help with that, we got a keyboard-emulating USB magnetic card reader and I wrote a parser for the card data and convert it to an object. It is fairly simple to hook up to a form and enable a card to be scanned while the user is focused in the name or number fields…