Switching from Jekyll to Hugo on November 23, 2018

It has been a while since I spent any time on my personal website here, but, recently, I have a few projects and ideas looking for a place to be recorded. As part of revisiting the site, I decided it might be a good opportunity to switch from using Jekyll as the static site generator to using Hugo. Here are some of the motivations and small learnings from that process.


Simplifying My BOSH-related Workflows on September 17, 2014
Over the last nine months I’ve been getting into BOSH quite a bit. Historically, I’ve been reluctant to invest in BOSH because I don’t entirely agree with its architecture and steep learning curve. BOSH describes itself with… BOSH installs and updates software packages on large numbers of VMs over many IaaS providers with the absolute minimum of configuration changes. BOSH orchestrates initial deployments and ongoing updates that are:

Distributed Docker Containers on February 28, 2014
One thing I’ve been working with lately is Docker. You’ve probably seen it referenced in various tech articles lately as the next greatest thing for cloud computing. Docker runs “containers” from base “images” which essentially allow running many lightweight virtual machines on any recent, Linux-based system. Internally, the magic behind it is lxc, although Docker adds a lot more magic to improve and make it more usable. For a long time now I’ve used virtual machines for development - it allows me to better simulate how software runs out on production servers.