Switching from Jekyll to Hugo on November 23, 2018

It has been a while since I spent any time on my personal website here, but, recently, I have a few projects and ideas looking for a place to be recorded. As part of revisiting the site, I decided it might be a good opportunity to switch from using Jekyll as the static site generator to using Hugo. Here are some of the motivations and small learnings from that process.


Photo Galleries for Jekyll on April 8, 2014
I had a trip to London and Iceland several weeks ago, and I wanted to share some of those photos with people. In the past I’ve put those sorts of photo galleries on Facebook, but some friends don’t have accounts there and I figured I could/should just keep my photos with my other personal stuff here. Unlike WordPress, Jekyll doesn’t really have a concept of photo galleries, and since Jekyll is a static site generator it makes things a little more difficult.