Documenting Blobs with Metalink Files on October 9, 2017
There are many blobs around the web, with different organizations and teams publishing artifacts through different channels and with varying security. Often a single project will have many dependencies from multiple different sources, and developers need to know specifics about where to download blobs and how to verify them. I started looking for a solution to help unify the way I was both consuming and sharing blobs across my own projects.


Pruning Blobs from BOSH Releases on August 6, 2015
Over time, as blobs are continually added to BOSH releases, the files can start consuming lots of disk space. Blobs are frequently abandoned because newer versions replace them, or sometimes the original packages referencing them are removed. Unfortunately, freeing the disk space isn’t as simple as rm blobs/elasticsearch-1.5.2.tar.gz because BOSH keeps track of blobs in the config/blobs.yml file and uses symlinks to cached copies. To help keep a lean workspace, I remove references to blobs which are no longer needed in my release.