Metalink Repositories: Background and Motivation on December 28, 2018

A while ago I started standardizing on using metalinks to record information about blobs. In my original post about metalinks, I briefly touched on the idea of querying directories of metalinks, treating it as a lightweight database. This post starts a short series discussing what shortcomings motivated my interest in something like “metalink repositories” and how I have been building on the concept in several ways.

New Concourse Resource for BOSH Releases on December 23, 2018

As a “continuous thing-doer” Concourse is great for documenting workflows and making sure they run. One of the workflows I frequently automate is consuming and publishing BOSH releases. Existing resources had some shortcomings for my needs, so I created the bosh-release resource to support those workflows. This post discusses more of the background and decisions that went into the resource.


Sending Work from a Web Application to Desktop Applications on February 21, 2015

I prefer working on the web application side of things, but there are frequently tasks that need to be automated outside the context of a browser and server. For TLE, there’s a physical shop where inventory, order, and shipping tasks need to happen, and those tasks revolve around web-based systems of one form or another. To help unify and simplify things for the staff (aka elves), I’ve been connecting scripts on the workstations with internal web applications via queues in the cloud.