SSOCA Service Manager
A service-oriented certificate authority for users of single sign-on.

SSO for services that use CA-based authentication.

For when you might want…

  • ssh users to authenticate against Cloud Foundry UAA,
  • Google Cloud project owners to have access to an OpenVPN server, or
  • a GitHub team to access a network with sshuttle

With the caveat that this repo…

  • is a work in progress, and
  • is open source to help facilitate demos, discussion, and reviews to continue its evolution
Latest Release – v0.19.0 (January 11, 2020)


  • Web server now includes the server version in the server response header.


  • Switch to Go modules.
  • Update numerous dependencies.
  • Update to go/1.13.6.


                                                          sha256  file
f7ed10de1b474c5a4cb2d724f5e2408836cabdd48ef0e707f8abc7ffbe8efcb9  ssoca-client-0.19.0-darwin-amd64
cd5902e99a33cf43acca617c881ef3e1cd81eabce6608919d64e362638a80662  ssoca-client-0.19.0-linux-amd64
b62c93536a3ed716e16433af03b14db6229985a511538633ea38ac4b2b0ba9ea  ssoca-client-0.19.0-windows-amd64.exe
5fa76d00216b1a059045241e8c0b57f1eb92c3c4ac0dcc834fd1a811f92baf7c  ssoca-server-0.19.0-darwin-amd64
3e78dc9f9fe00b01ec40951625a0080a5b0767cb99ba164ddda56e115199b7ab  ssoca-server-0.19.0-linux-amd64
49176d6ddb8d7ca13313c1935b716bc899c8b20b77505756b014a8808335ea72  ssoca-server-0.19.0-windows-amd64.exe