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Project | CLI tools and library for using the XML-based specification for assets.

I created this after researching ways to record checksums and mirrors of files and finding an RFC about it. I used this in several private projects, and it also ended up being adopted by the Cloud Foundry BOSH website for its git-backed database of releases and stemcells. I also ended up creating a Concourse resource type for it.

Repository |
For creating and consuming Metalink files (XML-based download descriptions).

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Latest Release — v0.3.0 (2018-12-26)

                                                          sha256  file
49f99a406bcd6b6c146b07781afa452696fa4f28072a42e4fefaf9bb8f7cbe67  meta4-0.3.0-darwin-amd64
e276ccff74cbe9a85eda17e5955df0b0b06ee68fcdb67d860f691d41b34f65cf  meta4-0.3.0-linux-amd64
cec907e696584ea8daaca68db829a38403756c7ab50c1ab6531504caca7e549e  meta4-repo-0.3.0-darwin-amd64
dce06d852585d5a5201b2d21cd864cbdf81dff093747ab368acb8d4fa1e11216  meta4-repo-0.3.0-linux-amd64