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To document some thoughts and learnings.
  1. Distributed Docker Containers
    2014-02-28 | A strategy for integrating Docker services across multiple hosts and data centers.
  2. Barcoding Inventory with QR Codes
    2014-01-13 | A web-centric, user-friendly approach for using barcodes in a retail shop.
  3. The Basics of a Custom Search Engine
    2013-06-01 | Combining elasticsearch and "structured data" to create a self-hosted search engine.
  4. ti-debug: For Debugging Server Code in the Browser
    2013-05-16 | Making it easier to debug languages like PHP and Python with only a browser.
  5. Structured Data with
    2013-05-13 | Ensuring content is useful to both humans and robots.
  6. Embeddable and Context-Aware Web Pages
    2013-05-07 | Embedding content in an absolutely relative manner.
  7. New Website for The Loopy Ewe
    2013-04-27 | A summary of the customer-facing changes I worked on for the site.
  8. Bank Card Readers for Web Applications
    2013-03-23 | Scanning credit cards into website forms.
  9. Using HTML Headers with wkhtmltopdf
    2013-03-15 | Experimenting with dynamic HTML headers for PDFs.
  10. Comparing PHP Application Definitions
    2013-03-07 | Identifying how classes/interfaces changed between versions.
  11. Path-based tmpfile in PHP
    2013-03-05 | When paths are more useful than resources.
  12. A Generic Storage Interface
    2013-03-01 | Abstracting file storage, whether it's local or cloud.
  13. Using Facter in Ant Scripts
    2013-02-19 | Reusing facts from build scripts.
  14. Automating Backups to the Cloud
    2013-02-08 | Combining gpg, Amazon S3 and IAM policies.
  15. Scripting Endicia to Purchase Postage
    2013-01-28 | Automating user interactions with AppleScript.
  16. OpenGrok CLI
    2013-01-21 | Making it easier to search code from the command line.
  17. Terminating Gearman Workers in PHP
    2013-01-14 | Locally and remotely stopping workers without interrupting jobs.
  18. Secure Git Repositories
    2013-01-07 | Seamless data encryption of repository files.
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