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SSOCA Service Manager
Project | Service-oriented certificate authority for single sign-on.

I started this project after getting tired of manually managing certificates for the OpenVPN servers I managed. It was also really helpful for learning more about PKIs and better understanding how services rely on certificate-based authentication. I'm particularly proud of:

  • working through the broad implementations of user-authentication, certificate management, and service integrations.
  • adoption by several teams in my company to protect both development and production environments.
Repository |

SSO for services that use CA-based authentication.

For when you might want...

  • ssh users to authenticate against Cloud Foundry UAA,
  • Google Cloud project owners to have access to an OpenVPN server, or
  • a GitHub team to access a network with sshuttle

With the caveat that this repo...

  • is a work in progress, and
  • is open source to help facilitate demos, discussion, and reviews to continue its evolution

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Latest Release — v0.19.2 (2020-07-16)

Bug Fix

  • Re-release without +dirty version annotation.


                                                          sha256  file
d1989a9ab588928ffb3d7721a5711ce99e83ab98d6e2b5c5dab114f102dee3ba  ssoca-client-0.19.2-darwin-amd64
ee6ee19b2aadc00b69b2db13f66555ebd33de7d3bced23ab97b42679732a9caf  ssoca-client-0.19.2-linux-amd64
035ad5b64cbfff175c95e51383618b23b4f455c5a5d8e14581ae6d8c8ec5022f  ssoca-client-0.19.2-windows-amd64.exe
4c7aa8ea3f1973f86e219d35e4e7399d0c1de9d51c77aaa69f58d70a56f442b0  ssoca-server-0.19.2-darwin-amd64
d45685e014e7c17a77fb8e59c63bcf1a04a88e311db5f565f80122ba384f34c6  ssoca-server-0.19.2-linux-amd64
69502342a076e00b501ca6caf17f838df5bf29f94fe050756a9563bc0f49e96e  ssoca-server-0.19.2-windows-amd64.exe