A small utility for getting files from git repositories.
An easier way to find and automate file downloads from GitHub and GitLab repositories. Learn more from the examples and documentation at

  • Standalone CLI - no git or local clones required
  • Public & Private Servers - supporting both GitHub and GitLab
  • Public & Private Repos - API-based access for private resources
  • Tags, Branches, and Commits - also semver-based constraint matching
  • Archives, Assets, and Blobs - download any type of resource from repos
  • Built-in File Operations - easy rename, binary, and stream options
  • Checksum Verification - verify downloads by SHA (if published)
  • Open-Source Project - contribute and discuss at dpb587/gget
Latest Release – v0.5.2 (July 6, 2020)
  • improve support for self-hosted GitHub/GitLab (#11)

Assets (sha256)

2b5f150526e626c96897f89ea9f3e84f05e02ff52bde02c29280d6f199a65992  gget-0.5.2-darwin-amd64
c8758e0f25eec1ef53c0f120a67e248c76c1b25d044fe361f992b0cb777d9407  gget-0.5.2-linux-amd64
330f04f773af63cc89af94552f717d94bcf082a04b954fa0523bd293ee8bf547  gget-0.5.2-windows-amd64.exe