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Project | Flexible tool for downloading files from git services.

I created this project, initially, to simplify the download process for private release assets after not finding another compatible tool. I'm particularly proud of:

  • the expressive command line interface that supports some powerful features.
  • making the single-page website ( that has a clean design and very readable documentation through examples of its usage.
Repository |

An easier way to find and automate file downloads from GitHub and GitLab repositories. Learn more from the examples and documentation at

  • Standalone CLI - no git or local clones required
  • Public & Private Servers - supporting both GitHub and GitLab
  • Public & Private Repos - API-based access for private resources
  • Tags, Branches, and Commits - also semver-based constraint matching
  • Archives, Assets, and Blobs - download any type of resource from repos
  • Built-in File Operations - easy rename, binary, and stream options
  • Checksum Verification - verify downloads by SHA (if published)
  • Open-Source Project - contribute and discuss at dpb587/gget

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Latest Release — v0.6.1 (2022-02-09)

  • fix automated Docker build tagging

Assets (sha256)

e49f78d62cbd39e8f5636313b5b056c967161df4d1cc60e1cc874ee89501d6e8  gget-0.6.1-darwin-amd64
3e0e14525445e71886e631f62457c2f731b9b127695402bd0a98a9030739451d  gget-0.6.1-linux-amd64
85e995fbcc20af5e40d0638e3b3a8c500527da939a855520277a0cc6dacbf40a  gget-0.6.1-windows-amd64.exe