To document some thoughts and learnings.
ti-debug: For Debugging Server Code in the Browser
Making it easier to debug languages like PHP and Python with only a browser.
May '13
Structured Data with
Ensuring content is useful to both humans and robots.
May '13
Embeddable and Context-Aware Web Pages
Embedding content in an absolutely relative manner.
May '13
New Website for The Loopy Ewe
A summary of the customer-facing changes I worked on for the site.
April '13
Bank Card Readers for Web Applications
Scanning credit cards into website forms.
March '13
Using HTML Headers with wkhtmltopdf
Experimenting with dynamic HTML headers for PDFs.
March '13
Comparing PHP Application Definitions
Identifying how classes/interfaces changed between versions.
March '13
Path-based tmpfile in PHP
When paths are more useful than resources.
March '13
A Generic Storage Interface
Abstracting file storage, whether it's local or cloud.
March '13
Using Facter in Ant Scripts
Reusing facts from build scripts.
February '13
Automating Backups to the Cloud
Combining gpg, Amazon S3 and IAM policies.
February '13
Scripting Endicia to Purchase Postage
Automating user interactions with AppleScript.
January '13
OpenGrok CLI
Making it easier to search code from the command line.
January '13
Terminating Gearman Workers in PHP
Locally and remotely stopping workers without interrupting jobs.
January '13
Secure Git Repositories
Seamless data encryption of repository files.
January '13
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