To document some thoughts and learnings.
Minikube and Bridged Networking
Exposing a VirtualBox Kubernetes cluster to the local network.
April '20
Nested Taxonomies with Hugo
Finding ways to support content classified within hierarchies.
March '20
Converting between JSON and TSV
Using jq to convert between data file formats.
February '20
Metalink Repositories: Stability Channels
Consistently representing both internal and external dependencies.
January '19
Metalink Repositories: Mirroring Third-Party Dependencies
Using metalink repositories to track upstream artifacts.
December '18
Metalink Repositories: Background and Motivation
Some "whys" of this alternative way to track artifacts.
December '18
New Concourse Resource for BOSH Releases
Automating tarball creation and publishing of new versions.
December '18
Watching Upstream Binaries with Concourse
Unifying how pipelines monitor third-party assets and versions.
December '18
Switching from Jekyll to Hugo
Fewer dependencies, better information architecture, something new.
November '18
Documenting Blobs with Metalink Files
A general format for documenting checksums, signatures, and origins of blobs.
October '17
Self-Upgrading Packages in BOSH Releases, Part 2
A strategy for upgrading and testing dependencies for self-sustaining packages.
October '16
Data Processing with Concourse
Scheduling data extracts, transforms, and loads through containers.
October '16
Composing Configurations with JQ
Alternative methods for manifests needing more than simple variable replacements.
April '16
Writing a PHP Client for the Ravelry API
Open sourcing a library to consume the knitting-oriented API.
January '16
Experimenting with BOSH Links and Consul
Integrating consul and links metadata for inter-deployment service dependencies.
January '16
Tempore limites: BOSH Veneer
Experimenting with a browser frontend to working with BOSH.
November '15
Pruning Blobs from BOSH Releases
Avoiding unnecessary disk usage for old, unneeded package files.
August '15
Self-Upgrading Packages in BOSH Releases
A strategy for monitoring upstream dependencies for self-sustaining packages.
August '15
Using nginx to Reverse Proxy and Cache S3 Objects
Using S3 as an upstream server for improving long-tail traffic.
June '15
New BOSH Release for OpenVPN
Open sourcing a new BOSH release for managing an OpenVPN network.
June '15
Parsing Microdata in PHP
Open sourcing a library to easily traverse HTML for microdata.
May '15
Sending Work from a Web Application to Desktop Applications
Using queues and PHP to automate third-party applications running on staff workstations.
February '15
Logging logging and Finding Bottlenecks
Some ways logsearch is measuring its own performance with the elasticsearch+logstash+kibana stack.
November '14
Colorado Aspens
A non-technical post with pictures of the changing Aspens in Colorado.
September '14
Simplifying My BOSH-related Workflows
Discussing some commands and wrappers I've been adding on top of BOSH.
September '14
Search by Color with Elasticsearch
Some mappings, strategies, and queries for advanced color searching with elasticsearch.
April '14
Photo Galleries for Jekyll
Easily exporting my iPhoto album to this Jekyll-based site.
April '14
Distributed Docker Containers
A strategy for integrating Docker services across multiple hosts and data centers.
February '14
Barcoding Inventory with QR Codes
A web-centric, user-friendly approach for using barcodes in a retail shop.
January '14
The Basics of a Custom Search Engine
Combining elasticsearch and "structured data" to create a self-hosted search engine.
June '13
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