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To document some thoughts and learnings.
  1. Synology NAS and Custom Certificate Authorities
    2022-04-12 | Automating certificate management for private directories with
  2. New Hubitat CLI for Backups and Certificates
    2022-02-16 | Converting shell scripts and curl to make local management easier.
  3. Using Dynamic Structs in Go and GORM
    2021-03-20 | An experimental way to import arbitrary JSON into a database.
  4. Minikube and Bridged Networking
    2020-04-11 | Exposing a VirtualBox Kubernetes cluster to the local network.
  5. Nested Taxonomies with Hugo
    2020-03-09 | Finding ways to support content classified within hierarchies.
  6. Converting between JSON and TSV
    2020-02-13 | Using jq to convert between data file formats.
  7. Metalink Repositories: Stability Channels
    2019-01-23 | Consistently representing both internal and external dependencies.
  8. Metalink Repositories: Mirroring Third-Party Dependencies
    2018-12-30 | Using metalink repositories to track upstream artifacts.
  9. Metalink Repositories: Background and Motivation
    2018-12-28 | Some "whys" of this alternative way to track artifacts.
  10. New Concourse Resource for BOSH Releases
    2018-12-23 | Automating tarball creation and publishing of new versions.
  11. Watching Upstream Binaries with Concourse
    2018-12-02 | Unifying how pipelines monitor third-party assets and versions.
  12. Switching from Jekyll to Hugo
    2018-11-23 | Fewer dependencies, better information architecture, something new.
  13. Documenting Blobs with Metalink Files
    2017-10-09 | A general format for documenting checksums, signatures, and origins of blobs.
  14. Self-Upgrading Packages in BOSH Releases, Part 2
    2016-10-21 | A strategy for upgrading and testing dependencies for self-sustaining packages.
  15. Data Processing with Concourse
    2016-10-19 | Scheduling data extracts, transforms, and loads through containers.
  16. Composing Configurations with JQ
    2016-04-26 | Alternative methods for manifests needing more than simple variable replacements.
  17. Writing a PHP Client for the Ravelry API
    2016-01-21 | Open sourcing a library to consume the knitting-oriented API.
  18. Experimenting with BOSH Links and Consul
    2016-01-11 | Integrating consul and links metadata for inter-deployment service dependencies.
  19. Tempore limites: BOSH Veneer
    2015-11-12 | Experimenting with a browser frontend to working with BOSH.
  20. Pruning Blobs from BOSH Releases
    2015-08-06 | Avoiding unnecessary disk usage for old, unneeded package files.
  21. Self-Upgrading Packages in BOSH Releases
    2015-08-03 | A strategy for monitoring upstream dependencies for self-sustaining packages.
  22. Using nginx to Reverse Proxy and Cache S3 Objects
    2015-06-20 | Using S3 as an upstream server for improving long-tail traffic.
  23. New BOSH Release for OpenVPN
    2015-06-03 | Open sourcing a new BOSH release for managing an OpenVPN network.
  24. Parsing Microdata in PHP
    2015-05-01 | Open sourcing a library to easily traverse HTML for microdata.
  25. Sending Work from a Web Application to Desktop Applications
    2015-02-21 | Using queues and PHP to automate third-party applications running on staff workstations.
  26. Logging logging and Finding Bottlenecks
    2014-11-14 | Monitoring logsearch with itself - the elasticsearch+logstash+kibana stack.
  27. Colorado Aspens
    2014-09-28 | A non-technical post with pictures of the changing Aspens in Colorado.
  28. Simplifying My BOSH-related Workflows
    2014-09-17 | Discussing some commands and wrappers I've been adding on top of BOSH.
  29. Search by Color with Elasticsearch
    2014-04-24 | Some mappings, strategies, and queries for advanced color searching with elasticsearch.
  30. Photo Galleries for Jekyll
    2014-04-08 | Easily exporting my iPhoto album to this Jekyll-based site.
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