Photo of Danny Berger
Danny Berger
Staff Software Engineer

I enjoy building technology to improve business processes as a software engineer. I build on industry best practices, but I use my detail-oriented and quick-learning nature to better understand how they can be adapted and improved for local needs. I bring my experiences as a developer, operator, and user to provide a more holistic perspective on solution discussions. I feel most effective when I can apply myself to evolving those solutions into something that will help others be more effective.

I look for technical opportunities that require me to learn and improve myself through complex problems and new perspectives. I want to work with teams that respect open source and appreciate open collaboration as a method to build effective products.


VMware, Inc., Senior Member Technical Staff
  • Formerly Pivotal Software, Inc. until acquisition in December 2019.
  • Work on discovery-focused initiatives to identify investment opportunities in Kubernetes Cluster API and tooling to help internal development teams.
  • Support teams implementing several, personally-created projects into their operations and workflows.
  • Team Lead ("anchor") on BOSH, working closely with Product Managers to guide technical features and facilitate collaboration with internal and external teams.
  • Engineer on BOSH, a large Ruby- and Go-based, deployment lifecycle product, and using a variety of infrastructures (namely Amazon Web Services, Google, and vSphere).
  • Help bootstrap and train a new Cloud Operations team as part of a 3-month relocation to Dublin, Ireland.
The Loopy Ewe, Software Systems Engineer
  • Developed and currently maintain in-house e-commerce frontend and backoffice tools using primarily PHP and MySQL
  • Migrated the backend website and services to the open-source symfony2 framework
  • Integrated business tools with APIs including PayPal and Endicia
  • Advising on strategic goals for the business and assisting in implementation
  • Migrating from traditional servers to a multi-region cloud environment on AWS
  • Migrating from Puppet-managed servers to a BOSH-managed environment
  • Currently maintain production server environments and services
City Index Ltd, Labs Team, Software Developer
  • Implemented and managed scalable logstash + elasticsearch + kibana stacks on AWS
  • Researched and tested elasticsearch scaling for project needs
  • Creating and managing BOSH releases for logsearch
  • Creating logsearch-shipper, designed for log forwarding and monitoring of any other BOSH deployments
  • Designing and supporting VPC environments on AWS
  • Defining and implementing logging and monitoring practices for deployments
  • Worked remotely


Bachelor of Science, Taylor University

Computer Science, Systems (Business Information Systems)